The Category Placement ToolTM

Can I improve my profits if I move baby food from aisle 6 to aisle 15?
Atlas is the first system that allows retailers and brand managers to instantly calculate the revenue impact of moving categories anywhere in the store.

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Easy Interface, Instant Results
Our web-based, graphical interface simulates typical store layouts:

  • Easily input categories, set prices and margins.
  • Move entire categories anywhere in the store with your mouse and instantly see the impact on sales.
  • View sales and margins by category and total store.
  • Full color-coded printouts and customized reports.
  • 24/7 access of the tool and your files on our secure server.

Powerful Engine

Atlas works on the principle that where you put your items matters. The engine behind our system is PathTracker, which uses RFID tags to track millions of shopping trips in our panel of stores. We know--by the second--where shoppers go, how long they take in front of a category and how long it takes them to buy, i.e., Reach/Stopping/Closing/BuyTime. It’s a fact: categories perform better in some locations than others.

Now this valuable information can help you increase profits immediately.

Review a slide presentation on Atlas.
Read about Atlas in the Journal of Advertising Research paper.

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Business Applications

  • Consumer-Centric Retail Execution
  • Category Management
  • Store Design/Fixture Planning